Halloween Fiesta

18 Oct 2019
Halloween Fiesta

Dear Parents, 

Halloween is coming, Are kids excited? This is the only day that kids can trick or treat! On Oc 31st, please let kids put on their “BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME” to school. Teachers will lead kids to pass six Halloween challenges and get candies or cookies for rewards. On that day, each class will also elect one “Best Halloween costume”! The winner will get an English Storybook as a reward! Also, if parents wear any Halloween Costume to pick up kids and post a photo on our Facebook Fan page. We would also send a secret gift for you.


Halloween 快要到了~孩子們是不是非常的期待呢? 因為這天是一年唯一可以大方搗蛋的一天!10/31(Thu)紐約國際就是要孩子玩起來,教研部特別為寶貝們設計了六種好玩的闖關活動,讓寶貝帶著老師一起Trick or treat! Halloween當天,請爸比媽咪讓孩子『Wear their best Halloween Costume』來學校,每班會選一個『Best Costume』獎項 - 送國外進口書唷,而當天爸爸媽媽若穿著Halloween裝扮來接寶貝,並打卡上傳粉專,也會送精美小禮物一份喔!


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